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What COVID-19 Taught About Urban Design, Health and Wellbeing

An extended stay in our constructed environments reveal how often they may work against us.
Design Healthcare

Creating a Human-Centric Space in Organ Transplant Facilities

Amidst the most technical and efficient facilities, empathy continues to be a core tenant of design.
Design Residential

Urban Placemaking Project Connects Residents to Nature in Oudong

The Oudong Residence employs nature and architecture to serve the needs of residents.

St. Margaret’s Evidence-Based Design Puts Patients at the Center of Care

A space transformation project reimagines the patient as the partner of their own treatment.

Four Eco-Friendly Urban Developments Push the World Forward

Thoughtfully crafted concepts renegotiate the relationship between cities and nature.
Design Residential

Modern Redesign Maximizes Natural Light in San Diego Home

An Art Deco style gives way to bountiful warmth following the renovation.
Design Senior Living

How Can Senior Living Communities Create a Sense of Home?

Senior residents recount the value of organic connections enabled by their living spaces.
Design Residential

Zoning the Kitchen for Health and Wellbeing

Order in the heart of the home means more than cleaning up clutter.
Design Residential

Hygiene-Conscious Design Trends Prevail in 2021

The first in a series of studies, Moen takes a look at how consumer behaviors are shaping the home.

Suchi Reddy and the Neuroaesthetics of Architecture

What began in a childhood home has evolved into a love affair with neuroscience and design.
Design Healthcare

Inspirational Daylighting Design Elevates Danish Hospital

Rigshospitalet creates a remarkable space to both guide and heal.
Design Senior Living

Four Strategies to Guide Senior Living Forward

Panelists at the recent EFA Expo & Conference discuss the future of senior living.