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Stack Collection of Laminated Furniture by Timbur

Exploring the unique textural qualities of plywood edge grain, Timbur iterated their signature stack lamination technique at various scales to expand the Stack collection into new product categories. Now, the line includes a pair of tabletop objects,

The Winter 2022 Collection by Room & Board Business Interiors

Room & Board Business Interiors’ (BI) introduces its Winter 2022 Collection. Expanding on its signature American artisan craftsmanship, the new release celebrates the best of global design, taking inspiration from cultures around the world. The

Cove Lounge Chair by Stylex

An extension of the Cove lounge chair, this latest iteration by Stylex makes a bold statement with new higher back. As much about comfort as form, Cove features a bowl-like seat that supports multiple postures—with room to spare for a laptop or cup

Underline Family of Seating by Stylex

Stylex introduces the Underline family of stools, guest and task chairs, delivering a streamlined yet eclectic style to any environment. With a seat for every space, Underline’s multipurpose offering provides visual and physical comfort through sof

Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk by Flexispot

Flexispot introduces the Kana Pro Bamboo standing desk, an ergonomic office solution paired with a highly durable and sustainable bamboo top. The only addition to the material is a lacquer coating that provides additional scratch, water and insect re

The Click Task Chair from Stylex

Stylex introduces the Click task chair, blending form, material and ergonomics to provide balance and comfort in the workplace. The sculpted s-shaped mesh back cradles the spine while its supportive plastic shell gives the chair a visually modern aes

Legrand Wiremold Sit Stand Desk Power Outlet

Legrand introduces the Wiremold Sit Stand Desk Power, designed to be an accessible power source that adapts to flexible office furniture. The system, offered in both black and white includes a plug-in outlet center, one Desktop Power Center Slim and

Studio Expormim Altet Dining Armchair

The Altet by Studio Expormim is specially crafted from peeled and tinted natural rattan with a variety of options for the seat and backrest, also manufactured from peeled and tinted natural rattan. The studio also highlights the possibility of custom

Nardi Outdoor Living Folio Reclining Chair

Folio by Nardi Outdoor Living is an innovative relaxing armchair that offers a variety of customizations for outdoor lifestyles. Made of recycled fiberglass resin, it is available with a fixed base and a footrest, or in a romantic rocking version, ac

Urban Wood Goods Live Edge Tables

Urban Wood Goods’ Live Edge Tables are exquisitely handcrafted from unique kiln dried slabs displaying nature’s beautiful artistry in a variety of wood species. The tables are available in both custom live edge and faux live edge/organic edge

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

The Sleep Number 360 smart bed intelligently senses occupant movement and temperature throughout, delivering automatic comfort as needed. As part of the signature sleep number style, each side is able to create its own microclimate for users. First,

Samsung Bespoke AirDresser Smart Wardrobe

Samsung introduces the Bespoke AirDresser to its Bespoke lineup, bringing a sophisticated solution for freshening clothes in the home. With new finishes, sizes and upgraded smart features for ultimate convenience, the Bespoke AirDresser removes dust,