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Brizo Frank Lloyd Wright Collection

The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection from Brizo pays homage to its namesake in design, material and methodology. Cantilevered spouts seem to defy gravity while providing miniature waterfall-like flows, hearkening to Wright’s distinctive style. The pal

Country Floors Desert Wildflowers Collection

The Desert Wildflowers Collection of ceramic tiles comes as a collaboration between Country Floors and Julia Buckingham, inspired by the desert flora of the southwestern U.S. The 6-in.-square tiles feature abstract watercolor interpretations of blo

Smart Glass Country Self-Tinting Smart Glass

Smart Glass from Smart Glass Country allows owners to maximize natural light and views with no compromise on privacy. The self-tinting smart glass feature allows users to maximize daylight without the glare, with the glass at its darkest during the

Samsung Bespoke AirDresser Smart Wardrobe

Samsung introduces the Bespoke AirDresser to its Bespoke lineup, bringing a sophisticated solution for freshening clothes in the home. With new finishes, sizes and upgraded smart features for ultimate convenience, the Bespoke AirDresser removes dust,

Aran Cucine Oasi Multifunctional Kitchen

Oasi from Aran Cucine is a multifunctional, single block kitchen combining design innovation and technology in a sustainable, future-forward concept for the kitchen. Architect Stagano Boeri has designed the project to convey a relationship in which a

Pullcast Ocean Collection Hardware

The Ocean Collection by PullCast delivers uplifting and good-natured style with the pleasing aesthetic often seen in deep blue waters. Adding a seafaring touch to any home design, the following decorative hardware essentials represent some of

REGUPOL sonus curve Acoustical Insulation

Crafted from 92% post-consumer recycled tire rubber, REGUPOL sonus curve is a dimpled flooring underlayment design to reduce sound generate by footfalls. The padding is commonly used underneath solid and engineered hardwood floors, concrete, screed a

PowerShades Automated Shades

PowerShades’ Power over Ethernet (PoE) and RF automated shades (battery-powered and DC) features new motors with quieter performance, dropping from -55dB to -42dB (which according to the American Academy of Audiology is just above the sound of a qu

McGrory Glass Designer Collection Ocean Series

Part of the McGrory Glass Designer Collection, Ocean Series takes inspiration from the beautiful beaches of the world. The collection is available in a variety of translucency levels, patterns and gradients that produce either a strong or subtle effe

Lema Spa Lema Air Cleaning System

The Lema Air Cleaning System from Lema Spa revolutionizes the concept of the wardrobe and its role in sanitization of clothing articles houses therein. Without affecting the aesthetics, the system, available as an optional, is installed on top of the

Lennox SL28XCV Central Air Unit

The Lennox SL28XCV central air conditioning unit provides competitive performance in one of the most efficient packages. Its advanced technology earned it a SEER rating of 28, unmatched by any other air-conditioner on the market, according to Lennox,

Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer Multi-Temp Drawer

The integrated Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer is a fridge drawer designed to fit flush with kitchen cabinetry. Users can interact with the touch-screen interface to cycle through five separate temperature modes, allowing the drawer adapt to the many