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Ivory Hanging Electric Fireplace | Touchstone Home Products

The Ivory Hanging Electric Fireplace by Touchstone Home Products features realistic flames without the associated need for gas or wood as fuel. The company notes that the fireplace can be used without the heating features, contemporary frame and temp

Screen Innovations | Nano 2 Motorized Shading Cassette

Screen Innovations introduces its new and improved Nano 2 motorized shading cassette, adding features dealers have asked for while maintaining the sleek, modern aesthetic. The Nano 2’s removable front cover provides easy access to the motors, techn
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Legrand | radiant Wave Switch

The radiant Wave Switch, expands upon the touchless switch technology first popularized by Legrand’s adorne Collection with the goal of offering a versatile, healthy solution that can fit into even more applications and projects. Able to work with

Arden Studio | Haven Glass Partitions

Arden Studio presents a simple, yet elegant solution to define spaces, direct traffic, and create safer environments. Marrying the functionality of a screen with the aesthetics of a partition, the firm states Haven is perfect for commercial, corporat

Gray Gardens Plant Studio Cylindro Collection

Cylindro, by Gray Gardens Plant Studio, is a collection of hand-made planters sculpted in cement, created with a refined savagery to compliment a plant’s living nature. Each pot is produced live, with the concrete being free-formed by hand in an ea
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SleepHub Home Electronic Bedside Sleep Aid

SleepHub Home by SleepHub is an acoustically based sleep aid designed to help train the brain to adopt healthy sleeping patterns. According to the company, the device was created for those who want to overcome sleep problems or improve their sleep fo

Sharp SuperSteam+ Built-In Wall Oven

The WiFi-enabled Sharp SuperSteam+ Built-In Wall Oven is a three-in-one appliance that combines IoT, steam and convection in a package that adds health and value to any home. The oven can be installed in a wall, under the counter or in the kitchen i
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Schneider Electric Wiser Ecosystem of Smart Monitoring Devices

The Schneider Electric Wiser Ecosystem is a collection of products used to monitor the health of homes, alerting homeowners to events before they take place, even tracking energy usage to specific appliances and creating strategies to improve savings
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Greenery Unlimited Self-Watering Planter

Greenery Unlimited’s Self-Watering Planters are specially designed for the relaxed maintenance of biophilic beauties (aka plants). The base of each pot conceals a water reservoir through which Greenery Unlimited’s patented sub-irrigated inser
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Astek In Bloom Floral Wallcoverings Collection

Artist Bas Meeuws draws upon his catalog of over 13,000 floral species to create the gorgeously green Astek In Bloom. A mix of intricate floral arrangements with the added character of insects or gastropods features 12 organic designs printed in-hous

WarmlyYours nSpire Touch WiFi Thermostat with Voice Control

The WarmlyYours nSpire Touch WiFi thermostat features convenient manual and voice control for radiant floor heating systems, as well as hardwired panel heaters. Connecting the thermostat to the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled device, users c
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Rise Gardens Personal Garden System

Rise Gardens introduces a new, compact Personal Garden designed to fit in smaller spaces such as countertops and shelves. The new Personal Garden includes all of Rise Gardens’ state-of-the-art lights, proprietary water flow technology and modulari