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RainStick WiFi-Enabled Circular Shower Unit

RainStick is a WiFi (IoT)-enabled circular shower that saves water and energy while also complementing bathrooms with its standout design. Its design saves up to 80% water and 80% energy during use, while also doubling the flow rate of a traditional
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FutureSoft Salt-Free Water Softener by SpringWell

The SpringWell FutureSoft Salt-Free Water Softener System provides 99.6% scale prevention without the use of chemicals or salt. Additionally, the company notes that the device will ensure a zero drop in water pressure throughout the home. Unlike trad

Stormtech Zypho Wastewater Heat Recovery System

Zypho from Stormtech is a high-efficiency wastewater heat recovery system designed for use in shower as well as bathtub setups. By transferring the shower’s heated wastewater into the incoming cold main’s supply, less energy is required to heat t
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Greenery Unlimited Self-Watering Planter

Greenery Unlimited’s Self-Watering Planters are specially designed for the relaxed maintenance of biophilic beauties (aka plants). The base of each pot conceals a water reservoir through which Greenery Unlimited’s patented sub-irrigated inser
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Phyn Plus Smart Water Monitoring Pro Edition

Phyn introduces the Phyn Plus Pro Edition, a smart water monitoring solution developed for and sold exclusively to professional channels. The Phyn Plus Pro Edition shares all of the best-in-class capabilities of the award-winning consumer Phyn Plus S
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Moen Nebia Chrome Spray Head

The Nebia (MSRP $212) by Moen offers a unique showerhead design that allows users to save water without sacrificing experience. Its design uses up to 50% less water than a standard shower, yet provides 60% more force to provide the sensation of a mor
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Shirò Skyrain Chromotherapy Showerhead

The corrosion- and oxidation-resistant Shirò Skyrain from Zazzeri is an extension of Shirò’s wellness proposal implemented with ceiling solutions. Made of stainless steel, it is offered in square and rectangular forms. Each model is further

PlumbMaster Sensor Kitchen Faucets

PlumbMaster introduces Wolverine Brass Artis sensor kitchen faucets in two styles for those seeking hands-free faucet options in the kitchen. The new PlumbMaster sensor faucets feature one of the smallest yet most reliable solenoid sensors availab
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Isenberg Faucets Herb Garden

Isenberg Faucets introduces the Herb Garden, a self-watering system that brings the beauty and freshness of live plants into the kitchen. With the “growing” trend of indoor gardening sweeping across residential spaces, Isenberg makes it easy to
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Blanco Coal Black Silgranit Kitchen Sinks

Blanco is proud to announce Coal Black, a bold new addition to its Silgranit color palette for kitchen sinks. The color coordinates beautifully with contemporary kitchen finishes and its enduring versatility works with a multitude of trending styles

Gessi Private Wellness Program: Afilo

Gessi reimagines the shower with the Afilo. As part of Gessi’s Private Wellness Program, Afilo pairs the power of light and water to create a sensory oasis designed to refresh and restore body, mind and spirit. The Afilo Collection includes fixture
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Cadet Touchless Flush Toilet from American Standard

The Cadet Touchless Flush toilet from American Standard combines the brand’s powerful Cadet flushing system with reliable, no-touch flush operation. Requiring only a simple wave of the hand to trigger, the product is the latest innovation in Americ