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8 Office Design Products that Let Employees Self-Care at Work

Creating wellness-centered office spaces had been a priority for many leading up to the pandemic, but now, following an extended period of remote work, employees have come to expect a workspace that offers all the comfort of home with the functionali

8 New Home Office Products that Elevate Any WFH Setup

Maintaining a proper work/life balance has always been a core concern among many workers. But what can be done when home and office become one in the same? While many employees are returning to work in commercial buildings, there are still many that

The Winter 2022 Collection by Room & Board Business Interiors

Room & Board Business Interiors’ (BI) introduces its Winter 2022 Collection. Expanding on its signature American artisan craftsmanship, the new release celebrates the best of global design, taking inspiration from cultures around the world. The

Three Wearables That Reimagine Life Sign Monitoring

As wearable technology continues to evolve, we’re seeing life monitoring gadgets take all kinds of new forms. From the traditional fitness bands packed to the brim with sensor tech, to an electronically inked monitoring vest aimed to provide consta