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Flourish Collection | Artaic

The Flourish Collection by Artaic is a series of wallcovering designs inspired by the watercolor paintings of live botanicals. Reflecting comfort and tranquility through biophilic design, the collection employs softer earth tones that are meant to be

Spolia Collection of Wallscapes | Opiary

Opiary introduces Spolia, a new family of architectural wallscapes that features a system of bold geometric blocks in stackable rows. It can be a freestanding wall or screen or tiles attached to an existing wall. Spolia wallscape is available in many

Opiary Wallscapes Living Wall Installations

Opiary Wallscapes offer a striking reinterpretation of living wall installations, contrasting organic plant material with the ever-present concrete of built spaces. They are inspired by the design logic of the natural world and traditional Japanese Z

McGrory Glass Designer Collection Ocean Series

Part of the McGrory Glass Designer Collection, Ocean Series takes inspiration from the beautiful beaches of the world. The collection is available in a variety of translucency levels, patterns and gradients that produce either a strong or subtle effe
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Blackdove Digital Art Platform

Blackdove’s Digital Art Platform allows users to securely store, manage and display their digital artwork collections in unparalleled quality. Using dynamic, Ultra HD displays, Blackdove’s digital canvases shine bright even in daylight conditions
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Great American Art Customized Art for Wayfinding

Great American Art offers an eclectic batch of pieces from a portfolio spanning millions of images and artists to  assist with a more subtle and picturesque means of wayfinding in hospital settings. Customized Art for Wayfinding can be applied to a
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B-Framed Galleries Acrylic Art Panels

B-Framed Galleries offers Acrylic Art Panels for use from residential to corporate spaces, as well as hospitals, hospitality settings and retirement homes, among many more. The artwork features exclusive photography of the Midwest and illuminated lan
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Guy Kemper, Sunny Side Glass Mosaic

Recently unveiled by Guy Kemper, the Sunny Side is an Italian-style mosaic influenced by Eastern Kentucky’s breathtaking landscape. Forty thousand pieces of glass smalti and gold leaf come together in striking designs reminiscent of the wild and de
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Artaic Glyph Sea Glass Tile Mural

The Glyph Sea Glass tile mural from the Artaic URBN Collection, a collaboration with Artists For Humanity Boston, offers a striking, geometric focal piece. The design features a turquoise color palette and is available in 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inc
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Plant Aura from Cynthia Mosser Fine Art

Plant Aura from Cynthia Mosser Fine Art is inspired by the spirit of nature and the natural surroundings of the Pacific Northwest. Ideal for patient waiting areas and hospital corridors, the colorful painting is on acid-free museum board and measu
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Placzek Studios Custom Healing Art Sculpture

Custom Healing Art Sculpture by Placzek Studios uses bronze, acrylic, and stainless steel materials. The artwork can be featured in outdoor and indoor settings, wall-mounted, ceiling suspended, or freestanding. This product originally appeared in Hea
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Well-being Nature Direct Video from Studio Art Direct

Well-Being Nature Video from Studio Art Direct plays videos of nature such as wildflower meadows, wetlands, and mountains in a plug-and-play format. The video is available as a continuous, looping screen saver in any format or media file required