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Solatube International SolaMaster Tubular Daylighting Device

The SolaMaster 750 DS Tubular Daylighting Device from Solatube International is designed to deliver consistent daylight output by effectively capturing low-angle daylight in the morning and late afternoon and rejecting high-angle daylight at midday

Room & Board Aura Natural Gas and Propane Fire Table

Built of fiber-reinforced concrete, Aura, by Room & Board, is a contemporary fire table perfect for modern outdoor spaces. Aura’s large size makes it easy to gather around with family and friends, while the clean design is easy to coordinate wi
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Luceplan Pétale Pendant Lamp

The Pétale pendant lamp from Luceplan is constructed with up to three low-glare light sources and a 1.5-inch sound-absorbing panel covered by a removable washable fabric. Designed by French architect Odile Decq, Pétale can be used to replace acou
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Luminii Purifii LED GUV Systems

Luminii introduces Purifii, combining architectural product design and optical expertise to promote wellness where health and safety are the highest priority. Purifii is a meticulously engineered GUV platform shown to be 99.98%, effective in eliminat

Louis Poulsen Flindt Plaza Luminary

The Flindt Plaza from Louis Poulsen offers large scale illumination with a modern aesthetic, perfect for interior and exterior spaces. Each pole is capable of holding up to four flexible light heads, with the lights themselves being tucked away in a

Kohler Verdera Voice Smart Mirror

Verdera Voice smart mirror from Kohler brings optimally bright, shadowless light and full stereo sound to the bathroom with convenient voice command. With Alexa voice commands integrated into the mirror, Verdera provides a hands-free bathroom routine

PowerShades Automated Shades

PowerShades’ Power over Ethernet (PoE) and RF automated shades (battery-powered and DC) features new motors with quieter performance, dropping from -55dB to -42dB (which according to the American Academy of Audiology is just above the sound of a qu
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Environmental Lights 5-in-1 LED Light Sheet

The 5-in-1 LED Light Sheet from Environmental Lights is a cuttable and modular light sheet that is designed for applications in which users need either bold colors or soft pastels. According to Environmental Lights, each sheet packages five LEDs into
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Environmental Lights REVI Remote-Voltage Illumination System

The REVI Remote-Voltage Illumination System from Environmental Lights is a low-voltage downlighting solution specifically designed for the AV market. The system incorporates programmable RDM-enabled power supplies, and “a la carte” configurable

USAI Lighting BevelLED Cross Baffle

BevelLED Cross Baffle from USAI Lighting builds upon the features and performance of its BevelLED Mini product by developing a fixture that is designed to softly diffuse lighting and reduce on-surface glare. The design mimics of what is often used in

HPC Fire Inspired Electronic Ignition

HPC Fire Inspired Electronic Ignition smart fire pit is a stylish and high performing gas fire pit that’s fully operational from a smartphone. Ignition comes with a built-in antenna for connection to Apple and Android devices through the accompany
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Orro One Smart Living System

The Orro One Smart Living System upgrades home life with a simple-to-use, intelligent system that unifies the technology in your home. As a lighting system, Orro One detects presence and light levels in a room to activate, deactivate and dim lights,