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The Verdo Collection | Industry West & Studio UNLTD

A collaboration between Industry West and the award-winning hospitality design firm Studio UNLTD, Verdo introduces modern, biophilic design through five decorative lighting fixtures. Each product, meant to mimic the balanced asymmetry found in nature
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AiSPIRE Astro Dim-to-Warm Lighting | AiSPIRE

WAC Lighting introduces the AiSPIRE Astro Lighting product line, a selection of dim-to-warm lighting specially tailored to the needs of professional integrators. Through adjustments in the color temperature as the light dims, Astro products can repli

TrueZero360 Fixtures | USAI Lighting

TrueZero360 is USAI’s newest Quiet product, producing 360 degrees of comfort from every viewing angle within a space. The recessed lighting fixtures comes packed with over 2,000 glare-free lumens thanks to the company’s 4-part patented optical sy

Solar Shades | Stoneside Blinds and Shades

Solar Shades by Stoneside Blinds and Shades are specially crafted shades designed to limit the amount of sunlight filtering in through windows. The woven material comes in a variety of fabrics available via Stoneside and can be tailored to meet speci
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RPS Remote Power Supply | AiSPIRE

AiSPIRE introduces its Class 2 RPS remote power supply, powering the next generation of low-voltage lighting solutions for integrators. Mountable both inside a mechanical closet or on a wall, the device is easily power by any common wall receptacle.
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Aurora Luminaries | AiSPIRE

The newly introduced AiSPIRE Aurora line of lighting products deliver crisp, full-visible spectrum color tuning designed for modern smart homes and lifestyles. In addition, the new line of luminaries features color correcting optical technologies tha

Ivory Hanging Electric Fireplace | Touchstone Home Products

The Ivory Hanging Electric Fireplace by Touchstone Home Products features realistic flames without the associated need for gas or wood as fuel. The company notes that the fireplace can be used without the heating features, contemporary frame and temp

Screen Innovations | Nano 2 Motorized Shading Cassette

Screen Innovations introduces its new and improved Nano 2 motorized shading cassette, adding features dealers have asked for while maintaining the sleek, modern aesthetic. The Nano 2’s removable front cover provides easy access to the motors, techn

Swidget | Modular Wall Outlets and Smart Switches

Swidget is series of smart, modular wall outlets, switches and inserts that allow for a variety of out-of-the-box smart functionalities to be added to new builds and renovations simply and easily. Installed using existing wiring, Swidget outlets and
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Orro S Switch | Orro

The Orro S is the latest Orro product dedicated exclusively to the human centric lighting experience while being available at a more accessible price point. The Orro S offers users features such as sensor-enabled and intelligent dimming capabilities.
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Environmental Lights | Pixel EchoFlex 4-in-1 LED Neon Lights

Environmental Lights adds the Pixel EchoFlex 4-in-1 LED Neon Light to its line-up of lighting, mixing RGB lighting with 3000K white, 6500K white or amber lights in a vertical bending or horizontal bending profile. The Pixel EchoFlex 4-in-1 LED Neon L
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Acclaim Lighting | ZDM 6 Lighting Protocol Converter

Acclaim Lighting introduces the new ZDM 6 Lighting Protocol Converter, offering flexibility and versatility to professional integrators for architectural lighting applications. The devices is wall mountable and is capable of cross converting between