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Kohler Verdera Voice Smart Mirror

Verdera Voice smart mirror from Kohler brings optimally bright, shadowless light and full stereo sound to the bathroom with convenient voice command. With Alexa voice commands integrated into the mirror, Verdera provides a hands-free bathroom routine

Pullcast Ocean Collection Hardware

The Ocean Collection by PullCast delivers uplifting and good-natured style with the pleasing aesthetic often seen in deep blue waters. Adding a seafaring touch to any home design, the following decorative hardware essentials represent some of
Products AV Tech

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Single Unit Stereo

The new Zeppelin (MSRP: $799) from Bowers & Wilkins is the latest and most advanced evolution of the Zeppelin line of single unit stereo systems. It features reference quality drive unit technologies arranged in dedicated left and right speaker a

Abimis Àtria Outdoor Kitchen

Abimis brings forward Àtria in collaboration with Studio Delineo and Massimo Rosati. The studio’s first modular kitchen specifically designed for outdoor living spaces, Àtria boasts a stainless-steel core and 100% customizability. Àtria come

REGUPOL sonus curve Acoustical Insulation

Crafted from 92% post-consumer recycled tire rubber, REGUPOL sonus curve is a dimpled flooring underlayment design to reduce sound generate by footfalls. The padding is commonly used underneath solid and engineered hardwood floors, concrete, screed a

PowerShades Automated Shades

PowerShades’ Power over Ethernet (PoE) and RF automated shades (battery-powered and DC) features new motors with quieter performance, dropping from -55dB to -42dB (which according to the American Academy of Audiology is just above the sound of a qu
Products Lighting

Environmental Lights 5-in-1 LED Light Sheet

The 5-in-1 LED Light Sheet from Environmental Lights is a cuttable and modular light sheet that is designed for applications in which users need either bold colors or soft pastels. According to Environmental Lights, each sheet packages five LEDs into

McGrory Glass Designer Collection Ocean Series

Part of the McGrory Glass Designer Collection, Ocean Series takes inspiration from the beautiful beaches of the world. The collection is available in a variety of translucency levels, patterns and gradients that produce either a strong or subtle effe
Products Fitness

NordicTrack Vault Connected Home Gym

The NordicTrack Vault (MSRP $1,999) offers a complete, connected home gym opens access to an immersive, reactive workout experience, while also providing efficient vertical storage for equipment. The crisp 61.5-inch by 22.5-inch oversized mirror prov

West Elm Hemp Bedding Collection

West Elm presents a collection of hemp bedding that provides an exemplary level of comfort that are also beneficial for the environment. The hemp sheets are mixed with cotton fibers that help elevate natural comfort levels by absorbing moisture to he

bläanks Recycled Cotton Knit

The Recycled Cotton Knit from bläanks is a customizable textile for use in both indoor and outdoor spaces made 100% recycled virgin cotton fabric scraps. The fabric is rated for use in hospitality settings and is made to order with a variety of cust

Lema Spa Lema Air Cleaning System

The Lema Air Cleaning System from Lema Spa revolutionizes the concept of the wardrobe and its role in sanitization of clothing articles houses therein. Without affecting the aesthetics, the system, available as an optional, is installed on top of the