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8 New Home Office Products that Elevate Any WFH Setup

Maintaining a proper work/life balance has always been a core concern among many workers. But what can be done when home and office become one in the same? While many employees are returning to work in commercial buildings, there are still many that

SHS-3T2 and SHS-LF Sound Masking Speakers from AtlasIED

AtlasIED expands its Strategically Hidden Speaker (SHS) line with the addition of two new high-quality, design-friendly sound masking speakers. The SHS-3T2 and the SHS-LF are engineered and designed for sound masking and high-quality music reproducti

Stack Collection of Laminated Furniture by Timbur

Exploring the unique textural qualities of plywood edge grain, Timbur iterated their signature stack lamination technique at various scales to expand the Stack collection into new product categories. Now, the line includes a pair of tabletop objects,

The Winter 2022 Collection by Room & Board Business Interiors

Room & Board Business Interiors’ (BI) introduces its Winter 2022 Collection. Expanding on its signature American artisan craftsmanship, the new release celebrates the best of global design, taking inspiration from cultures around the world. The

RainStick WiFi-Enabled Circular Shower Unit

RainStick is a WiFi (IoT)-enabled circular shower that saves water and energy while also complementing bathrooms with its standout design. Its design saves up to 80% water and 80% energy during use, while also doubling the flow rate of a traditional

Cove Lounge Chair by Stylex

An extension of the Cove lounge chair, this latest iteration by Stylex makes a bold statement with new higher back. As much about comfort as form, Cove features a bowl-like seat that supports multiple postures—with room to spare for a laptop or cup
Products Air

SGP41 VOC+NOx Sensor by Sensiron

Sensiron introduces the SGP41 VOC+NOx sensor, for indoor air quality applications. The sensor is designed as a digital smart switch and regulation unit for air treatment devices such as air purifiers. Specifically, the device focuses on VOCs commonly

Underline Family of Seating by Stylex

Stylex introduces the Underline family of stools, guest and task chairs, delivering a streamlined yet eclectic style to any environment. With a seat for every space, Underline’s multipurpose offering provides visual and physical comfort through sof
Products Water

FutureSoft Salt-Free Water Softener by SpringWell

The SpringWell FutureSoft Salt-Free Water Softener System provides 99.6% scale prevention without the use of chemicals or salt. Additionally, the company notes that the device will ensure a zero drop in water pressure throughout the home. Unlike trad

Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk by Flexispot

Flexispot introduces the Kana Pro Bamboo standing desk, an ergonomic office solution paired with a highly durable and sustainable bamboo top. The only addition to the material is a lacquer coating that provides additional scratch, water and insect re

Supreen Fabric High-Performance Textile

Supreen fabric is a sustainably focused liquid barrier textile that deliver high-performance, water repellent action without the use of PFAs, PFCs and PFOAs. The fabric is instead woven with a proprietary silicon blend, which helps protect it against

The Amherst Refrigerated Cabinet from Room & Board

A collaboration between True Residential and Room & Board Business Interiors, the new Amherst refrigerated cabinet combines trusted refrigeration with a modern entertainment piece. Ideal for hospitality spaces, the company also notes that it fits