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Kohler Verdera Voice Smart Mirror

Verdera Voice smart mirror from Kohler brings optimally bright, shadowless light and full stereo sound to the bathroom with convenient voice command. With Alexa voice commands integrated into the mirror, Verdera provides a hands-free bathroom routine

Pullcast Ocean Collection Hardware

The Ocean Collection by PullCast delivers uplifting and good-natured style with the pleasing aesthetic often seen in deep blue waters. Adding a seafaring touch to any home design, the following decorative hardware essentials represent some of

USAI Lighting BevelLED Cross Baffle

BevelLED Cross Baffle from USAI Lighting builds upon the features and performance of its BevelLED Mini product by developing a fixture that is designed to softly diffuse lighting and reduce on-surface glare. The design mimics of what is often used in

Bradley Corp. Touchless Roll Towel Dispenser

Bradley Corp.’s Touchless Roll Towel Dispenser offers touch-free activation and jam-free operation. Patented LiDAR (light detection and radar) sensors optimize battery life. The dispenser is compatible with a variety of paper types, which can be
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Effe Yoku Spa by Marco William Fagioli

Designed by Marco William Fagioli, Effe  introduces the Yoku Spa, an evolution of the iconic and award-winning Yoku SH, integrating a sauna, shower and hammam as part of the new wellness project. The system is made of heat-treated Aspen wood and fe
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Shirò Skyrain Chromotherapy Showerhead

The corrosion- and oxidation-resistant Shirò Skyrain from Zazzeri is an extension of Shirò’s wellness proposal implemented with ceiling solutions. Made of stainless steel, it is offered in square and rectangular forms. Each model is further
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HMI C.10 Glass Protectant With Microban

HMI’s C.10 Glass Protectant – featured on its products – is the first clear coating for shower glass that is formulated with innovative Microban technology for invisible product protection against the growth of microorganisms. The coating cre

Gessi Colour Shower Collection

Gessi Colour delivers the ethereal elements of water and light in its shower system, part of the signature Private Wellness Program. Employing waterfalls, hydro-massages and nebulized mists, the system adds mood-changing hues to the mix to provide a

Native Trail Sustainable Solace Vanity

Native Trail’s Solace vanity is made from Forest Stewardship Council-certified oak and sealed with low-VOC, water-resistant coating. Pairing well with cool, concrete the vanity cultivates a transitional, handcrafted aesthetic that adheres to the co
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Speakman Exhilaration Spray Technology

Speakman introduces Exhilaration Spray Technology for a spa-like experience to be delivered right at home. Three hundred forty-four individual spray outlets accommodate four distinct patterns, each designed for a specific need as part of a customizab
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Antrax IT Pioli Radiator by Andrea Crosetta

Antrax IT presents the Pioli, taking the traditional image of the radiator and retelling in contemporary language. Designer Andrea Crosetta creates a heating body with clean and linear designs reminiscent of a ladder. The radiator is composed of two
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Duka Acqua 5000 New Shower Enclosure

Duka‘s Acqua 5000 New reinterprets the most iconic shower enclosure of its collection, transforming it into an elegant and performing solution capable of filling the space and characterizing it with clean and essential lines while also ensuring t