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The Aura Collection | Kast

Slim, pill-shaped and subtle, the Aura Collection by Kast offers a minimal aesthetic to any bath design while providing a highly durable, clean surface spread across three distinct styles: a single basin, double basin and freestanding pedestal basin.

Flourish Collection | Artaic

The Flourish Collection by Artaic is a series of wallcovering designs inspired by the watercolor paintings of live botanicals. Reflecting comfort and tranquility through biophilic design, the collection employs softer earth tones that are meant to be
Products Bath + Spa

Bemis | Sanctuary 5000 Smart Bidet Toilet

Bemis Manufacturing Co. expands into the smart toilet category with the launch of the Sanctuary 5000 Smart Bidet Toilet. This latest offering from the toilet and bidet seat manufacturer makes the latest in bidet technology accessible for discerning h
Products Bath + SpaWater

Nasoni | Single Lever Fountain Faucet

The Nasoni Fountain Faucet combines the convenience of a water fountain with the contemporary charm of a sophisticated sink fixture. Drawing inspiration from Roman traditions of combining form and function into one, the fountain makes regular routine
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Valiryo Automated Body Dryer

Valiryo is a fully automated body drying device aimed at revolutionizing the conventional way of drying. Easily installable directly inside the shower cabin, it replaces the towel with a skin-nourishing, antibacterial and exceptionally pleasant air s
Products Bath + SpaWater

Kohler | Touchless Residential Bathroom Faucet

Kohler introduces its latest form of bathroom technology, the Touchless Residential Bathroom faucet. An all-new category for Kohler, these faucets function with a simple wave of the hand, offer temperature control and operate by battery, making them

RainStick WiFi-Enabled Circular Shower Unit

RainStick is a WiFi (IoT)-enabled circular shower that saves water and energy while also complementing bathrooms with its standout design. Its design saves up to 80% water and 80% energy during use, while also doubling the flow rate of a traditional

Stormtech Zypho Wastewater Heat Recovery System

Zypho from Stormtech is a high-efficiency wastewater heat recovery system designed for use in shower as well as bathtub setups. By transferring the shower’s heated wastewater into the incoming cold main’s supply, less energy is required to heat t

Panasonic Intelli-Balance 200 Energy Recovery Ventilator

Panasonic introduces the Intelli-Balance 200 Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), allowing builders and homeowners alike to better design and meet ASHRAE 62.2 requirements, improving indoor air quality and reducing ventilation costs. The device

Eaton Humidity Sensor and Fan Control

Eaton’s humidity sensor and fan control device is a single-pole humidity sensor for controlling the humidity level in a room. Upon detecting excess humidity through its sensors, the device activates the ventilation fan, keeping it switched on until

Brizo Frank Lloyd Wright Collection

The Frank Lloyd Wright Collection from Brizo pays homage to its namesake in design, material and methodology. Cantilevered spouts seem to defy gravity while providing miniature waterfall-like flows, hearkening to Wright’s distinctive style. The pal
Products Bath + SpaWater

Moen Nebia Chrome Spray Head

The Nebia (MSRP $212) by Moen offers a unique showerhead design that allows users to save water without sacrificing experience. Its design uses up to 50% less water than a standard shower, yet provides 60% more force to provide the sensation of a mor