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Innovating in Home Wellness Integration With Global Wave

Through a perfection of business operations, Kyle Steele is able to stay nimble while pursuing in the bleeding edge.
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The Power of Scent Technology for Enabling Immersive Wellness

Technology has finally caught up to ambition in harnessing the evocative strength of smell.
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Tommy’s Place Is a Smart Home Retreat for Families Managing Childhood Cancer

Tommy’s Place provides a one-of-a-kind experiential space for families to destress and explore.
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Take a Dip in This $16K Experiential Wellness Bathtub From Kohler

Light, sound and smell create an altogether unique and experiential moment in the home.
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Could Amazon’s Astro Robot Aid With Independent Living?

Amazon's recent tech unveiling has introduced some interesting applications for their products.
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cyberManor Smart Home Blends Tech, Wellness and Style

cyberManor has their finger on the pulse of a home's human-centric aspirations.
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Climb Into Las Vegas’s $18M Biophilic Bunker

Even at 40 years old, this doomsday bunker has an astounding human-centric lighting display.

ResonX Redefines Immersive Audio With Aurora

Sound’s great potential for building powerful experiences shines in this collaborative project.
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Sonos on Untapping the Home Gym’s Potential

According to Sonos, good sound quality can be the key to unlocking a good workout.

Wellness Tech: Starting the Conversation with Designers

Jan Vitrofksy, founder of HEDsouth, talks on how integrators can open a dialogue with designers.
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Beauty Plays Big Role in Technology Designs

Humans are hardwired for beauty, but it doesn’t have to be kept in art.

What’s the State of the Wellness Market?

A deep dive into wellness trends across the past year reveals the stress points for the industry.