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Professionals Need to Talk to Homeowners About Indoor Air Quality

People want a healthy home, however, what makes a home unhealthy isn’t readily understood sometimes.

This Modular Wall Outlet, is Bursting with Wellness Potential

Designers, builders and integrators interested in home wellness should take note of this versatile smart device.
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What Is Well Washing? And How Our Home Technology Industry Can Combat It

Education remains the best safeguard against encroaching well washing, and all professionals have a part to play.
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How Do 150 Wellness Markets from Around the Globe Stack Up?

The Global Wellness Institute takes a look into the global wellness market beyond the initial effects of COVID.

Sell Human Centric Lighting with Confidence

Vantage highlights several strengths integrators can already pull upon when selling HCL systems.
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Could Integrators Tap into ‘Smart Water as a Service’ for Residential?

Moen introduces an array of water security devices that can connect with the smart home ecosystem.

Debunking 7 Air Quality Myths That Are Constricting Buildings

There's a lot being said about air quality, so we're clearing the air on some common misconceptions.
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Why Integrators Should Make Radon Monitors a Part of Their Business

As the second leading cause of lung cancer, radon poses a considerable risk to home occupants: and it’s everywhere.

Healthier Lifestyles Start with an Outdoor Entertainment Space from SI

SI’s Zen 2 motorized shade helps families connect with each other and the outdoors.
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The Healing Power of Digital Art

More than a display piece, digital art helps integrators bridge the gap between health and home for clients.
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20 Wellness Design Concepts to Help Inform Your Practice

Curious about wellness in design, but confused about the terminology? Fret not! This glossary is for you.
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Colorado Integrator Tackles Massive HCL Project in Aspen Home

Paragon Systems Integration lights up Aspen homeowner’s world with first foray into human-centric lighting.