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What COVID-19 Taught About Urban Design, Health and Wellbeing

An extended stay in our constructed environments reveal how often they may work against us.
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Urban Placemaking Project Connects Residents to Nature in Oudong

The Oudong Residence employs nature and architecture to serve the needs of residents.

Four Eco-Friendly Urban Developments Push the World Forward

Thoughtfully crafted concepts renegotiate the relationship between cities and nature.
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Modern Redesign Maximizes Natural Light in San Diego Home

An Art Deco style gives way to bountiful warmth following the renovation.
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Zoning the Kitchen for Health and Wellbeing

Order in the heart of the home means more than cleaning up clutter.
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Hygiene-Conscious Design Trends Prevail in 2021

The first in a series of studies, Moen takes a look at how consumer behaviors are shaping the home.

Using Biomimicry to Bring Forest Bathing Indoors

A relaxing meditation in the forest could be a trip to the next room over.
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Perfecting Sustainable Kitchen Design

With sustainability an important part of her practice, Rima Nasser makes a tremendous impact on one clients’ home.

Jean Nouvel Designs Luxurious, New York Fitness and Wellness Center

The celebrated French architect's cutting-edge design elevates New York’s 53 West 53 club.

Designing a Residential Community to Serve Adults With Disabilities

Unscripted Design provides thoughtful and comforting spaces to the Trailhead Community adult living community.

The Future of Infrastructure With Michael K. Chen

The founder of Design Advocates tackles meaningful urban projects.
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Jeremy Bull Rethinks Design’s Role for Humans

The Australian architect directs his firm towards exploration and sustainability.