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A Pass-Through Window Completes this Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen Project

Extending out into the screened-in porch, this kitchen creates a seamless flow between the two spaces.

ICFF + WantedDesign Manhattan Mini-Recap: 8 Thoughtful Designs and Products

This year’s show proved to be a hotbed of sustainably focused and human-centered design.
Design Residential

A List of Healthy Home Living Products Perfect for Millennial Clients

High-tech and wellness-focused, these products fit in nicely with the needs of the next generation of homebuyers.

The Colors of Wellness: Relaxing Hues for Beneficial Spaces

The unity of humans and materials becomes the foundation for aesthetics, says tile designer Mercedes Austin.
Design Residential

This Kitchen Uses Aging-in-Place Elements to Create a Universally Accessible Space

Despite being geared towards older generations, aging-in-place design accommodates younger occupants as well.
Design Residential

Using Light to Create Multifunctional Spaces in the Home

The right lighting can be all it takes to help homeowners perceive a space differently for different uses.
Design Residential

5 Wellness Design Trends Impacting Residential Markets in 2022

Technology is making big inroads into home wellness, with a focus on health influencing its adoption.

Examining the Role Shading Plays in a Good Night’s Sleep

Though it might not be at the top of mind, clients will love a perfect shading solution.

The Future of Design is Circularity: An Expert’s Perspective

Nearly 80% of all manufactured furniture ended up in a landfill in 2017. It's time to break the linear design model.

The 10 Challenges of Adaptive Reuse (and How to Address Them)

The architectural experts at BDP talk common challenges when approaching refurbishing projects.
Design Residential

Villa Osti Explores the Connection Between Interior and Exterior Worlds

Studio Apostoli conducts a deeper study in architecture and wellness for this residential project.
Design Residential

Wellness Design Inspiration for the Kitchen and Bath

Help your clients see their homes as havens with these blissful, wellness ideas.