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Atmos Wallcoverings | Astek

Astek introduces its Atmos collection of wallcoverings, distilling the physical landscape down into its simplest elements. Color, shape and texture blend using abstract painting techniques and gestural, yet intentional placement of pigment. The resul

Reed Acoustical Panels | Turf Design

Reed panels from Turf Design break the acoustic mold, introducing graceful shapes that combine to form soft, undulating textures within a space. The three-dimensional tiles can be arranged along a variety of axis, allowing builders to play greatly wi

Chromalis by Bradley Bowers | Wolf-Gordon

Chromalis is an exploration of color and movement, introducing three digitally printed upholstery textiles and one wallcovering into Wolf-Gordon’s Curated Collection of contract designs. Designed by artist Bradley Bower, these pieces draw influence

Hygienic CeramicSteel Surfacing | PolyVision

CeramicSteel from PolyVision is a high-performance architectural surface solution that combines the strength and durability of ceramic surfaces with the structural integrity of steel to create an easily-installable, long lasting and versatile product

Flourish Collection | Artaic

The Flourish Collection by Artaic is a series of wallcovering designs inspired by the watercolor paintings of live botanicals. Reflecting comfort and tranquility through biophilic design, the collection employs softer earth tones that are meant to be

American Biltrite | UltraCeramic Contract Engineered Stone

American Biltrite’s UltraCeramic Contract presents a sturdy, durable wear layer for a variety of interior spaces. Made of engineered stone, the collection comes in 18-by-1-inch or 12-by-24-inch tile formats that offer the look of ceramic tile, natu

Arden Studio | Haven Glass Partitions

Arden Studio presents a simple, yet elegant solution to define spaces, direct traffic, and create safer environments. Marrying the functionality of a screen with the aesthetics of a partition, the firm states Haven is perfect for commercial, corporat

Caesarstone | The Pebbles Collection

Caesarstone introduces a new line of nature-inspired, sustainable surfaces known as the Pebbles Collection. Owing to its namesake, the five designs in the Pebbles Collection celebrate the never-ending transformation of wind and water over stone. The

Spolia Collection of Wallscapes | Opiary

Opiary introduces Spolia, a new family of architectural wallscapes that features a system of bold geometric blocks in stackable rows. It can be a freestanding wall or screen or tiles attached to an existing wall. Spolia wallscape is available in many

Intersect Acoustical Panels | Turf Design

Turf Design introduces Intersect, the ultimate building block for specifiers thanks to its unique shape that can be laid out in various ways, from an overlapping mosaic to tessellating petals. This three-dimensional, folded wall tile can be woven th

In Bloom Collection | Astek

Artist Bas Meeuws draws upon his catalog of over 13,000 floral species to create the gorgeously green Astek In Bloom. A mix of intricate floral arrangements with the added character of insects or gastropods features 12 organic designs printed in-hous
Products Surfaces

Wilsonart High-Pressure Laminate Stone Collection of Surfaces

Wilsonart introduces the High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) Stone Collection, designed to offer surfaces that seamlessly enhance all types of environments and create comfortable and inviting spaces. The new HPL Stone Collection’s Fieldstone fini