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Palm Springs Collection | Work in progress

The Palm Springs Collection of rugs is inspired by the dreamy vibes of Palm Springs in the ’70s, with an extra punch of color. Designed by Ravleen Kaur, a long-time collaborator with Work in progress, the collection spans three different design

Reed Acoustical Panels | Turf Design

Reed panels from Turf Design break the acoustic mold, introducing graceful shapes that combine to form soft, undulating textures within a space. The three-dimensional tiles can be arranged along a variety of axis, allowing builders to play greatly wi

Chromalis by Bradley Bowers | Wolf-Gordon

Chromalis is an exploration of color and movement, introducing three digitally printed upholstery textiles and one wallcovering into Wolf-Gordon’s Curated Collection of contract designs. Designed by artist Bradley Bower, these pieces draw influence

Solar Shades | Stoneside Blinds and Shades

Solar Shades by Stoneside Blinds and Shades are specially crafted shades designed to limit the amount of sunlight filtering in through windows. The woven material comes in a variety of fabrics available via Stoneside and can be tailored to meet speci

Screen Innovations | Nano 2 Motorized Shading Cassette

Screen Innovations introduces its new and improved Nano 2 motorized shading cassette, adding features dealers have asked for while maintaining the sleek, modern aesthetic. The Nano 2’s removable front cover provides easy access to the motors, techn

Supreen High-Performance Fabric | Nassimi

Supreen by Nassimi combines woven and coated technologies to create a unique liquid-barrier textile without the need to employ harsh and otherwise dangerous chemicals. A fusion of beauty and brawn, the composite material is constructed of a proprieta

Intersect Acoustical Panels | Turf Design

Turf Design introduces Intersect, the ultimate building block for specifiers thanks to its unique shape that can be laid out in various ways, from an overlapping mosaic to tessellating petals. This three-dimensional, folded wall tile can be woven th

Claire Gaudion Recycled Plastic Bottle Rugs

Claire Gaudion presents recycled plastic bottle rugs, made in collaboration with Momo Rugs and endorsed by Care & Fair for complete confidence in buying a responsibly made rug. Available in 11 separate, colorful variations, each recycled plastic

Samsung Bespoke AirDresser Smart Wardrobe

Samsung introduces the Bespoke AirDresser to its Bespoke lineup, bringing a sophisticated solution for freshening clothes in the home. With new finishes, sizes and upgraded smart features for ultimate convenience, the Bespoke AirDresser removes dust,

West Elm Hemp Bedding Collection

West Elm presents a collection of hemp bedding that provides an exemplary level of comfort that are also beneficial for the environment. The hemp sheets are mixed with cotton fibers that help elevate natural comfort levels by absorbing moisture to he

bläanks Recycled Cotton Knit

The Recycled Cotton Knit from bläanks is a customizable textile for use in both indoor and outdoor spaces made 100% recycled virgin cotton fabric scraps. The fabric is rated for use in hospitality settings and is made to order with a variety of cust

Lema Spa Lema Air Cleaning System

The Lema Air Cleaning System from Lema Spa revolutionizes the concept of the wardrobe and its role in sanitization of clothing articles houses therein. Without affecting the aesthetics, the system, available as an optional, is installed on top of the