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Environmental Lights REVI Remote-Voltage Illumination System

The REVI Remote-Voltage Illumination System from Environmental Lights is a low-voltage downlighting solution specifically designed for the AV market. The system incorporates programmable RDM-enabled power supplies, and “a la carte” configurable
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Savant Power Flexible Load Management

Savant Power Flexible Load Management offers circuit level energy monitoring and control over every load in a home or business. By pairing a single Savant Power Companion Module with every two loads in an electrical panel, users  have the ability to
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Sonnen ecoLinx Energy Storage System

Sonnen introduces the ecoLinx, an energy storage system that is described as a “must have” for the ultimate smart home. The system works with solar, the utility grid and leading home automation to provide energy resiliency and independence throug

Screen Innovations Kratos Power Supply

Screen Innovations introduces the Kratos power supply, giving integrators the versatility necessary to install and power an array of shading systems. Featuring an all-metal design, a plenum rating and 250 watts of power, the Kratos power supply is a
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Amber Solutions Energy Traffic Controller

Amber Solutions introduces the solid-state based Energy Traffic Controller, a small-footprint solution that installs next to a building’s circuit breaker box and learns of a building’s energy demand and available sources to support automated ener

ActiveClean from Amerlux

Amerlux ActiveClean provides UV-free, antimicrobial lighting shown to reduce surface contamination by more than 90%. Designed for use in high-traffic public spaces, it meets international safety standards for continued use around people and operates
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Mysa from WarmlyYours

The Mysa WiFi Programmable Thermostat from WarmlyYours serves as a new home automation friendly control option for both electric floor heating and hardwired radiant heating panels. It’s compatible with nearly every home automation system, including

Overture from Broan-NuTone

Overture from Broan-NuTone is a connected indoor air quality system. The system connects a home’s supply and exhaust ventilation to monitor the quality of air and turn on automatically when air quality levels are low. It operates with new or existi
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STEP Warmfloor from STEP Warmfloor

STEP Warmfloor heating systems provide an energy-efficient radiant floor heating solution. The flat, flexible polymer heating element is made of a semi-conductive polyethylene, which distributes heat safely, evenly and efficiently, and can be used fo
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Horizon Thermostat from Crestron

With a high-resolution 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen display and an auto-adjustable backlight that toggles between day and night mode depending on time of day or user preferences, the Horizon Thermostat from Crestron is a professional grade device with an
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Lux Konose Smart Thermostat from Johnson Controls

Lux Konose smart thermostat from Johnson Controls and K4Connect offers increased visibility, focused ease of use, and adjustment assurance. Energy Star-certified thermostat features larger primary and secondary digits as well as enhanced backlight op

AbUV from Energy Focus

AbUV circadian lighting and UV-C air disinfection troffer provides continuous disinfection designed for more than 99.9 percent effectiveness against airborne pathogens. A built-in fan draws, disinfects, and circulates air at approximately two air cha