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What COVID-19 Taught About Urban Design, Health and Wellbeing

An extended stay in our constructed environments reveal how often they may work against us.

Four Eco-Friendly Urban Developments Push the World Forward

Thoughtfully crafted concepts renegotiate the relationship between cities and nature.

Suchi Reddy and the Neuroaesthetics of Architecture

What began in a childhood home has evolved into a love affair with neuroscience and design.

These 4 Wellness-Driven Spaces Deliver on Care and Comfort

Thoughtful craft draws out experiential self-care in these imaginative concepts.

Jean Nouvel Designs Luxurious, New York Fitness and Wellness Center

The celebrated French architect's cutting-edge design elevates New York’s 53 West 53 club.

The Future of Infrastructure With Michael K. Chen

The founder of Design Advocates tackles meaningful urban projects.

Visualizing Urban Development for the Future

Metro1 founder Tony Cho talks on past projects and future visions for city cultures.

Architects Commit to Carbon Neutral Builds

Architect firms talk on downsizing the carbon footprint of their projects

Elevated Design Leads to Elevated Learning

These schools illuminate creativity and collaboration

Striking Green Design

Two wildly different projects exemplify bold approaches to sustainability

Uplifting Design Fosters Creativity in These Educational Spaces

Two schools showcase calming, holistic environments

Rooftop Farm BrightensNew Staten Island Charter School

Designed by CetraRuddy, the upcoming facility promotes wellness throughout