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Massive Sound Masking Deployment Transforms Calgary’s Tallest Building

Brookfield Place’s massive installation now covers 40 floors, and the number keeps rising.

5 Simple Sustainable Practices to Create More Attractive Offices

These sustainably-focused initiatives can help reduce energy costs while also creating more attractive offices.

How Smart Buildings Can Implement ‘Sensible’ Technology

Sight, sound, and touch delivered through advanced technologies create healthier building environments.
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4 Standout Wellness Gadgets from CES 2022 Perfect for Smart Homes

We’re looking at some of the most promising health and wellness innovations from this year’s CES.

How Integrators Can Diversify into the Growing Commercial Wellness Market

Wellness experts offer their advice on certifications, installations and more in this emerging category.
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Smart Shading Transitions Sunroom to the Perfect Office Space in Rhode Island Home

From privacy and shaded comfort to beautiful, near 360 degree views, this room transforms in an instant.

Center for Intelligent Buildings: A Showcase for Technology’s Potential in Healthy Design

Carrier turns their global HQ into a world class learning tool for building professionals.
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Two AV Experts Talk How Integrators Can Succeed in the Construction Market

Kevin Murphy and Nichole Weinman discuss the importance of strong builder relationships and what that entails.
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This Custom Home Helps a Wounded Army Captain Live Life Beyond Injuries

The Gary Sinise Foundation gives Captain Juan Guerrero a home befitting a nation’s proud serviceman.

Debunking 7 Air Quality Myths That Are Constricting Buildings

There's a lot being said about air quality, so we're clearing the air on some common misconceptions.
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Floridian Smart Home Cuts the Clutter with Disappearing Technology

TYM Home Technology turns what could have been a messy install into an object of beauty and first-class comfort.

More Efficient Buildings Start with Proper Lighting Design

Communicating the needs of a space and its occupants to lighting designers are key for transformative solutions.