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Dynamic Lighting and Fitness: A Match Made in Wellness

GRNDHOUSE is transforming their workout experience with controllable lighting fixtures.

The Power of Scent Technology for Enabling Immersive Wellness

Technology has finally caught up to ambition in harnessing the evocative strength of smell.

Wellness Technologies Aid Dementia Treatments at Priority Care Home

High-tech additions add to resident health and wellbeing at Priority Care.

Environmental Monitoring Needs to Be a Part of Security

Security integrators should take a closer look at environmental monitoring solutions if they aren’t already.

ResonX Redefines Immersive Audio With Aurora

Sound’s great potential for building powerful experiences shines in this collaborative project.

Tour the Hotel Room of the Future

IHG Hotels & Resorts partner with to create an industry first.

5 HVAC Mistakes to Avoid When Reopening

It's going to take more than flipping a switch once everyone’s back in the office.

Is Glass the Next Big Wellness Tech Facilitator?

The celebrated mainstay of natural lighting may have just found an exciting new application.

4 Unique Solutions for Healthier Buildings From MySupplier

The Atlanta-based supplier has an eclectic list of wellness products aimed at commercial settings.

Wellness Tech: Starting the Conversation with Designers

Jan Vitrofksy, founder of HEDsouth, talks on how integrators can open a dialogue with designers.

Samsung LED Signage Immerses Times Square in Soothing Nature

For the time it was here, the powerful display brought serenity to the city that never sleeps.

What’s the State of the Wellness Market?

A deep dive into wellness trends across the past year reveals the stress points for the industry.