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St. Margaret’s Evidence-Based Design Puts Patients at the Center of Care

A space transformation project reimagines the patient as the partner of their own treatment.
Design Hospitality

Landscape Hotel Creates Harmony With French Countryside

48° Nord unites nature and architecture in its immersive design.

Using Biomimicry to Bring Forest Bathing Indoors

A relaxing meditation in the forest could be a trip to the next room over.

Jean Nouvel Designs Luxurious, New York Fitness and Wellness Center

The celebrated French architect's cutting-edge design elevates New York’s 53 West 53 club.
Design Hospitality

Locally Sourced Materials Highlight Beauty of Imperfection at Casa Hormiga

A sanctuary to grow with the jungle comes to form southeastern Mexico.
Design Hospitality

Tiing Tejakula Designs for Cultural Sustainability in Bali

Concrete and bamboo bring the Tiing Tejakula Villas closer to the land and its guest closer to Bali.
Design Hospitality

This Dreamlike Finnish Eco-Resort Is Breathtaking

Studio Puisto’s pilot project creates a retreat with a near imperceptible footprint on the environment.
Design Hospitality

IRTH Hotel and Spa Revels in Canadian Wilds

The boutique hotel considers itself more of a retreat than the usual resort fare.

Sagewood CCRC Provides Luxury Oasis in Sonoran Desert

Sagewood finishes its second phase renovations, adding residencies and amenities.
Design Hospitality

Self-Care Get Its Makeover in These Beautiful Salons

These luxurious spaces highlight salons finding wellness, comfort, style in self-care.

Visualizing Urban Development for the Future

Metro1 founder Tony Cho talks on past projects and future visions for city cultures.
Design Hospitality

Wellness Destination Revival a Love Letter to Georgian Treasure

Twenty year restoration marks triumphant return for wellness hotspot.