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Climb Into Las Vegas’s $18M Biophilic Bunker

Even at 40 years old, this doomsday bunker has an astounding human-centric lighting display.

ResonX Redefines Immersive Audio With Aurora

Sound’s great potential for building powerful experiences shines in this collaborative project.
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Sonos on Untapping the Home Gym’s Potential

According to Sonos, good sound quality can be the key to unlocking a good workout.

Wellness Tech: Starting the Conversation with Designers

Jan Vitrofsky, founder of HEDsouth, talks on how integrators can open a dialogue with designers.
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The Value of Aesthetics in Technology Integrations

Something natural and beautiful tells the brain to linger, so it only makes sense to install technology beautifully.

What’s the State of the Wellness Market?

A deep dive into wellness trends across the past year reveals the stress points for the industry.
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Three Benefits of Radiant Heating Systems for IEQ

Discreet and fluid, these systems help highlight a gap present in many forced air systems.

Dive Deep into Biophilic Integration

From lighting temperature to temperature control, there’s a lot to what makes humans tick.

Beyond Human-Centric Lighting With Orro

A conversation with Patrick Gall (PG) of Orro unveils how far the unassuming dimmer can go.
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Smart Home Products for Dementia Are Lacking

By keeping the elderly at home longer, some quality of life seems to have been overlooked.
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Welcoming Home Wellness With KB Home

Biophilia and and human-centric lighting are no strange terms to the pioneering homebuilder.

5 Biophilic Wellness Solutions from CES 2021

The digital conference revealed a wealth of cutting edge tech in the field category.