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Products Water

Phyn Plus Pro Edition | Phyn

Phyn presents the Phyn Plus Pro Edition, a smart water monitoring solution developed for and sold exclusively to professional channels. The Phyn Plus Pro Edition shares all of the best-in-class capabilities of the award-winning consumer Phyn Plus Sma
Products Air

Galanz Air Purifiers | Galanz Americas

Galanz Americas introduces a new line of air purifiers leveraging the technology behind its popular kitchen appliances. Galanz’s air purifiers can clean large areas and feature three layers of filtration (primary, HEPA and carbon) which can remove

Reed Acoustical Panels | Turf Design

Reed panels from Turf Design break the acoustic mold, introducing graceful shapes that combine to form soft, undulating textures within a space. The three-dimensional tiles can be arranged along a variety of axis, allowing builders to play greatly wi

Chromalis by Bradley Bowers | Wolf-Gordon

Chromalis is an exploration of color and movement, introducing three digitally printed upholstery textiles and one wallcovering into Wolf-Gordon’s Curated Collection of contract designs. Designed by artist Bradley Bower, these pieces draw influence
Products Lighting

AiSPIRE Astro Dim-to-Warm Lighting | AiSPIRE

WAC Lighting introduces the AiSPIRE Astro Lighting product line, a selection of dim-to-warm lighting specially tailored to the needs of professional integrators. Through adjustments in the color temperature as the light dims, Astro products can repli
Products AV Tech

Juke-8 and Juke-6 Multiroom Audio Systems | Juke Audio

The Juke-6 and Juke-8 by Juke Audio are multiroom audio streaming systems designed to simplify the user experience and provide a faster install for new builds and retrofits alike. The number in each product name denotes the number of zones each syste

TrueZero360 Fixtures | USAI Lighting

TrueZero360 is USAI’s newest Quiet product, producing 360 degrees of comfort from every viewing angle within a space. The recessed lighting fixtures comes packed with over 2,000 glare-free lumens thanks to the company’s 4-part patented optical sy

Solar Shades | Stoneside Blinds and Shades

Solar Shades by Stoneside Blinds and Shades are specially crafted shades designed to limit the amount of sunlight filtering in through windows. The woven material comes in a variety of fabrics available via Stoneside and can be tailored to meet speci

WhisperAir Repair | Panasonic

WhisperAir Repair by Panasonic is a ceiling mounted spot purification device ideal for upgrading, remodeling or building out entirely new spaces for better air quality. The device uses Pansonic’s patented nanoe X charged water particle generation s
Products Flooring

Relaxing Floors Collection | Mohawk Group

The Relaxing Floors Collection is a collaboration between Mohawk Group, 13&9 Design and Dr. Richard Taylor, head of the physics department at the University of Oregon and Fractals Research. Utilizing fractals as the visual language, the modular s

Hygienic CeramicSteel Surfacing | PolyVision

CeramicSteel from PolyVision is a high-performance architectural surface solution that combines the strength and durability of ceramic surfaces with the structural integrity of steel to create an easily-installable, long lasting and versatile product

Intelli-Balance 200 Energy Recovery Ventilator | Panasonic

Panasonic introduces the Intelli-Balance 200 Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), allowing builders and homeowners alike to better design and meet ASHRAE 62.2 requirements, improving indoor air quality and reducing ventilation costs. The device