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Organic Bedding from West Elm

West Elm has revamped its all-organic pillow and duvet insert offerings with five new sustainable options that bring diversity to sleeping preferences. The hypoallergenic bedding options are made with organic cotton shells.

Garden Layers from GAN

GAN’s Patricia Urquiola-designed Garden Layers collection is made entirely from recycled plastic fibers that undergo a meticulous treatment and regeneration process that extends their life while refreshing their shape.

Flek from 3form

3form’s Flek series of partitions, made with reclaimed waste and recycled materials, has expanded to include a range of warm colors, including Blood Orange and Chamomile.
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Voice Analytics for Wellness Monitoring from Nemesysco

Nemesysco, a provider of voice analytics technologies and solutions for emotion detection, has been experiencing significantly increased traction for applying its voice analytics technology for remote employee wellness monitoring since the outbreak o
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PyroDinos from PyroFarms

Bioluminescence is the science of tiny, light-emitting plankton. PyroFarms is harnessing bioluminescent dinoflagellates to create small, focused light sources which use photosynethesis to convert light into energy. PyroDinos have a circadian clock si
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Asthma Guardian from Resmonics

The Asthma Guardian from Resmonics is a system to help asthmatics gain more control over their condition. The smartphone app works by monitoring potential respiratory attacks without waking the user, all while delivering data with detailed evaluation

Crestron ONE App With Mobile Room Control

The Crestron ONE app with mobile room control enables a control experience from any personal device, anywhere. This allows the app to empower employee wayfinding, room automation, and content sharing from an employee’s personal device, facilitating
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Christie CounterAct UV Disinfection

The Christie CounterAct line of commercial UV disinfection products with patented Care222 far-UVC light technology is available for cinemas, theme parks, museums, sports complexes, and other indoor spaces. Using Ushio’s patented narrowband filtered