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Landscaping + Exteriors

Design Healthcare

Cool Colors Create Safe Spaces at VA Tampa Mental Health Clinic

Leo A Daly creates a uniquely empathetic space heavily influenced by trauma-informed care.
Design Residential

5 Wellness Design Trends Impacting Residential Markets in 2022

Technology is making big inroads into home wellness, with a focus on health influencing its adoption.
Design Healthcare

Sheppard Pratt Sets Mental Health Healing in the Maryland Woodlands

Beautifully landscaped grounds and scenery open a private glade of healing for the Baltimore/Washington area.

2022’s Wellness Trends: From ‘Dirty’ Architecture to the Metaverse

What consumers view as ‘true wellness’ has only continued to evolve in the tribulations of 2021.

Architectural Office by Studio Nada Harmonizes Past, Present and Nature

Born of a contemporary desire, the space stands as though it’s always existed in its village setting.
Design Healthcare

HDR Reinforces Community-Focused Health Hub with Beautifully Landscaped Meadows

The unique location in Ontario, Canada invites interactions with the adjoining wilderness.
Design Senior Living

Grace Gardens Designs Continuing Care Around Sprawling Outdoor Environments

Those living with dementia are given plenty of opportunities to keep their mind and body engaged.

Rob Winstead Builds Community Spaces that Serve People and the Planet

VMDO’s K12 Studio leader addresses the interconnectedness of community and sustainability.
Design Healthcare

Gresham Smith Uses Modular Design to Craft a Future-Ready Surgical Center

The Melbourne Spinal & Orthopedic Center of Excellence is built to meet the demands of future generations.
Design Healthcare

3 Powerful Strategies Hospital Design Teams Can Use to Tackle Climate Change

Despite being some of the biggest contributors to emissions, hospitals can do a lot to help mitigate their impact.

3 Pioneering Projects Reimagine Sustainable Building

With a keen eye turned to their environments, these projects exemplify creativity in the wellness sphere.
Design Healthcare

Passive Design Elements Keep Cherry Hill Cool, and Patients Healthy

Biophilic choices provide a functioning aesthetic that caters to staff and patient goals.