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Rehabilitation Facilities

GGA Models Recuperative Care Center After a Farming Village

The design of the space was conceived to match with Ranchos Los Amigos’s existing healing ethos.

Perkins & Will Creates Regenerative Lodging for Cancer Patients in Texas

Formed like a secretive cloister, the accommodations promote distinct interactions for growth and healing.
Design Healthcare

EUA Builds an Orthopedic Care Clinic Dedicated to Physical Health for All

The coastal views and maritime design provide a tranquil setting for physical rehabilitation.
Design Healthcare

How Has the Pandemic Impacted Healthcare Design Priorities?

The team at Healthcare Design look into how the pandemic has impacted design work and priorities in healthcare.
Design Healthcare

3 Powerful Strategies Hospital Design Teams Can Use to Tackle Climate Change

Despite being some of the biggest contributors to emissions, hospitals can do a lot to help mitigate their impact.
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Uplifting Spirits with Wellness-Focused Architecture in Recovery Facilities

Light, warmth and community add an extra dimension of care to the recovery program at Harris House.
Design Healthcare

Creating a Human-Centric Space in Organ Transplant Facilities

Amidst the most technical and efficient facilities, empathy continues to be a core tenant of design.
Design Healthcare

Toronto Mental Health Hospital Designs for Patient Independence

Variegated environments and programs help patients witness their own growth firsthand.
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Therapist Kellee Kemp Helps Victims of Violence Heal with Dignity

Human-Centered design makes an impact at the Yetunde Price Resource Center in L.A.