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Design Healthcare

Supporting Caregivers with Lavender Rooms

Hospital leadership state that restorative spaces have become paramount in facility design.

12 Gorgeous Biophilic Interiors that Epitomize ‘The Great Indoors’

Natural plant life helps to elevate mood and aesthetics in these beautiful, botanical designs.

How to Promote Mental Health Through Office Design

Leading organizations are putting more emphasis on designing a healthier, more human workplace.

Architectural Office by Studio Nada Harmonizes Past, Present and Nature

Born of a contemporary desire, the space stands as though it’s always existed in its village setting.
Design Healthcare

Endeavors Veteran Wellness Center Marks a First in South Texas

In designing a comprehensive space for veteran mental health, Endeavors sets the stage for future builds.

What You Can Expect to See from Commercial Interior Design in 2022

Sustainability continues to be a core focus as design trends point towards a more residential feel.
Design Healthcare

MHTN Architects Crafts a VA Clinic to Inspire Collaborative Care

The South Jordon VA Clinic expands the region’s care with a facility that sports an open aesthetic for staff and patients.
Design Residential

5 Home Office Elements Remote Workers Will Be Craving in 2022

Home offices have moved beyond just being a COVID trend, adding in a new high-value space for the home.

6 Key Architectural Trends Setting 2022 on a Course for Human Centered Design

Health and sustainability become key drivers in changing buildings, setting up 2022 to be the year for wellness design.
Design Healthcare

3 Empathetic Design Choices That Make Waiting Rooms a Healing Space, Too

From slight tweaks to full redesigns, design teams can help make these transitionary spaces into gateways for recovery.
Design Hospitality

Creating a Nourishing Tradition in Hospitality Design with Serdar Kutucu

The Slow Hospitality Management CEO discusses health and holism when designing his locally-cultivated concepts.
Design Residential

Tips to Reduce VOCs and Improve Air Quality in Buildings

A healthy home is a happy home and the road to health is paved with good air quality.