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Healthy home

Design Residential

Bright Wood, Bright Ideas: Accessible Kitchen Design at Home

Enhance Building Company creates a serene and welcoming space designed with every generation in mind.
Design Residential

Tips to Reduce VOCs and Improve Air Quality in Buildings

A healthy home is a happy home and the road to health is paved with good air quality.

Five Ways to Design a Room for a Better Night’s Sleep

Jessica Shaw of Turett Collaborative offers her methods for designing the perfect sleep sanctuary in a home.
Design Residential

5 Wellness Features for the Kitchen that Can Boost Home Value

Coming out the pandemic, it seems home buyers are willing to spend a little extra for added peace of mind.

WELL Living Lab: A Building Science Hub Tests Interior Spaces for Human Health

Superimpose Architecture creates an adaptable space that lives and breathes its own healthy home standard.

Energy Efficient Features Create Safe, Affordable Community in Fort Worth

The development's eco-design provides safer living conditions at an affordable price due to low utility costs.
Design Residential

How Will We Design Future Rental Buildings?

Nancy Ruddy of CetraRuddy Architecture highlights the importance of creativity in future success.
Design Residential

This New York Passive House Design is a Living Model for Green Lifestyles

Architect Wayne Turett lives his passion of sustainable building.
Design Residential

Zoning the Kitchen for Health and Wellbeing

Order in the heart of the home means more than cleaning up clutter.
Design Residential

Hygiene-Conscious Design Trends Prevail in 2021

The first in a series of studies, Moen takes a look at how consumer behaviors are shaping the home.
Design Senior Living

Four Strategies to Guide Senior Living Forward

Panelists at the recent EFA Expo & Conference discuss the future of senior living.

Using Biomimicry to Bring Forest Bathing Indoors

A relaxing meditation in the forest could be a trip to the next room over.