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Human-Centric Lighting

Beyond Human-Centric Lighting With Orro

A conversation with Patrick Gall (PG) of Orro unveils how far the unassuming dimmer can go.
Technology End UserSmart Home

Welcoming Home Wellness With KB Home

Biophilia and and human-centric lighting are no strange terms to the pioneering homebuilder.
Technology End UserSmart Home

This $40,000 Smart Bed is Wedding of Comfort Spaces

For Hi-Interiors, wellness and relaxation focuses around the space where we spend such a large amount of our lives.

Unlocking Resimercial Markets Through Smart Buildings

An emerging design concept receives full exploration in futuristic spaces
Technology Smart Home

Smart Home Human-Centric Lighting and Shading Systems Promote Health and Wellness

Living spaces are invigorated by way of natural sunlight-simulating technology
Technology Smart Home

LED Lighting Elevates a Minimalist Miami Mansion

Technology yields countless feel-good moods at this glamorous, modern home
Technology Smart Home

Ketra’s New Austin Headquarters Flaunts a Human-Centric Lighting Experience

Lutron creates a welcoming, dynamic design scheme for the homegrown brand

Tunable White Lighting Makes a Big Difference for Assisted Living

A recent study shows just how deep circadian benefits of variable color temperatures goes.