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Innovating in Home Wellness Integration With Global Wave

Through a perfection of business operations, Kyle Steele is able to stay nimble while pursuing in the bleeding edge.

How to Build Better Value for Well-Tech in Hotels

Integrators are essential for hoteliers looking to create a more personal experience for guests.

Dynamic Lighting and Fitness: A Match Made in Wellness

GRNDHOUSE is transforming their workout experience with controllable lighting fixtures.
Technology End UserSmart Home

Tommy’s Place Is a Smart Home Retreat for Families Managing Childhood Cancer

Tommy’s Place provides a one-of-a-kind experiential space for families to destress and explore.
Technology End UserSmart Home

cyberManor Smart Home Blends Tech, Wellness and Style

cyberManor has their finger on the pulse of a home's human-centric aspirations.
Technology Smart Home

This Finnish Smart Home Has Technology Mimicking Nature

Natural influences and hi-tech amenities create an innovative luxury haven.

ResonX Redefines Immersive Audio With Aurora

Sound’s great potential for building powerful experiences shines in this collaborative project.
Technology End UserSmart Home

Sonos on Untapping the Home Gym’s Potential

According to Sonos, good sound quality can be the key to unlocking a good workout.
Technology End UserSmart Home

Beauty Plays Big Role in Technology Designs

Humans are hardwired for beauty, but it doesn’t have to be kept in art.

Samsung LED Signage Immerses Times Square in Soothing Nature

For the time it was here, the powerful display brought serenity to the city that never sleeps.

Projection Display Brings Hope in Atlanta

Following a rough year for everyone, Atlanta sought a new medium for its light shows downtown.

Immersive Self-Care Experience Goes Digital

Panico utilizes digital displays and journey software to better personalize their salon services.