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Aug 12, 2022

Episode 13

Human Health and Lighting with Dr. Mariana Figueiro


Light is integral to health. It’s a fact Dr. Mariana Figueiro knows all too well. A major player in the field of lighting as it relates to human health, to go over all her accomplishments would be far too extensive for this description.

She has given a tremendous number of talks on the subject matter, written several papers on it as well, and even helps serve as counsel in the development of new technologies aimed at bettering circadian lighting. Some of which are on the market today. So, if you haven’t heard of Mariana yet, chances are you’ve had a chance to experience some of her handiwork.

While we have Mariana on the podcast today we will be discussing:

  • Best practices for lighting for circadian rhythm
  • The benefits of circadian lighting
  • How to start working towards better lighting setups today even if you can’t invest in an expansive control system.