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Aug 26, 2022

Episode 14

Creating a Better Home Office with Humanscale


While it’s a common consideration in commercial offices, ergonomics is something that seems to have gotten lost in translation with the switch to hybrid and work from home models.

According to home renovation reports, the average work from home setup usually involves the living room or kitchen, using furniture that was never designed to be sat at for multiple hours on end. The result is at best, mild discomfort, with greater complications piling up the longer it goes on.

While today’s conversation with Johnathan Puleio of Humanscale can easily be applied to a commercial office setting, the focus instead looks at the role of a residential designer looking to create a space that can support a client’s work and their body.

In this podcast, Nick and Johnathan will be exploring:

  • What are the core ideas of ergonomics?
  • What high-impact design choices influence comfort and health while at work?
  • How do you ensure ergonomic furniture is used effectively?
  • What resources are available for designers looking to learn more for their clients?

For those interested in learning more. Humanscale has also included an interactive guide in building out the home office,