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Wellness Technologies Aid Dementia Treatments at Priority Care Home

High-tech additions add to resident health and wellbeing at Priority Care.
Technology End UserSmart Home

cyberManor Smart Home Blends Tech, Wellness and Style

cyberManor has their finger on the pulse of a home's human-centric aspirations.

Environmental Monitoring Needs to Be a Part of Security

Security integrators should take a closer look at environmental monitoring solutions if they aren’t already.

How Smart Tech Can Improve Educational Spaces

Or, how making a building smarter makes its people smarter.

5 HVAC Mistakes to Avoid When Reopening

It's going to take more than flipping a switch once everyone’s back in the office.

What’s the State of the Wellness Market?

A deep dive into wellness trends across the past year reveals the stress points for the industry.

Dive Deep into Biophilic Integration

From lighting temperature to temperature control, there’s a lot to what makes humans tick.
Technology Campus Environments

Tuning HVAC Systems to New Normal on Campus

Reopening campuses is going to take more than the flip of a switch.

5 Biophilic Wellness Solutions from CES 2021

The digital conference revealed a wealth of cutting edge tech in the field category.

Unlocking Resimercial Markets Through Smart Buildings

An emerging design concept receives full exploration in futuristic spaces
Technology Smart Home

Indoor Air Quality Setups Remain a Priority in 2021

With awareness at an all-time high, integrators look to develop business models around IAQ
Technology Campus Environments

Indoor Air Quality is More Important Than Ever

Even in a post-COVID world, students, staff, and visitors will equate safety with proper ventilation.