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Take a Dip in This $16K Experiential Wellness Bathtub From Kohler

Light, sound and smell create an altogether unique and experiential moment in the home.
Technology Smart Home

Future Smart Home Features to Look Out For

Amongst all the high-tech expectations runs an underlying theme of smoothing out home operations.
Technology End UserSmart Home

cyberManor Smart Home Blends Tech, Wellness and Style

cyberManor has their finger on the pulse of a home's human-centric aspirations.

Environmental Monitoring Needs to Be a Part of Security

Security integrators should take a closer look at environmental monitoring solutions if they aren’t already.

4 Unique Solutions for Healthier Buildings From MySupplier

The Atlanta-based supplier has an eclectic list of wellness products aimed at commercial settings.
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Three Benefits of Radiant Heating Systems for IEQ

Discreet and fluid, these systems help highlight a gap present in many forced air systems.
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Meditate in This $50,000 Smart Room

The WelPod is a standalone structure fueled by high-tech controls