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Technology Smart Home

Future Smart Home Features to Look Out For

Amongst all the high-tech expectations runs an underlying theme of smoothing out home operations.
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cyberManor Smart Home Blends Tech, Wellness and Style

cyberManor has their finger on the pulse of a home's human-centric aspirations.

How Smart Tech Can Improve Educational Spaces

Or, how making a building smarter makes its people smarter.

ResonX Redefines Immersive Audio With Aurora

Sound’s great potential for building powerful experiences shines in this collaborative project.
Technology Smart Home

Touring Savant’s Wellness and Design Showroom

The massive facility puts the company’s energy management, wellness, lighting and more on full display in an ultra-modern home.

Health and Sustainability in the Food and Beverage Industry

As manufacturers pivot to new concerns its important to remember technology's massive role in the shift.

Beyond Human-Centric Lighting With Orro

A conversation with Patrick Gall (PG) of Orro unveils how far the unassuming dimmer can go.
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Welcoming Home Wellness With KB Home

Biophilia and and human-centric lighting are no strange terms to the pioneering homebuilder.

20 Biophilia Terms Integrators Should Know

Curious about the trend but fried on the terminology? Don’t fret! This glossary is here for you.
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Wearables Find Common Thread at Purdue

Patent-pending smart clothes could be next wellness revolution.
Technology Smart Home

Technology and Off-Grid Living Merge in Swedish Smart Home “Space”

This tiny abode from iOhouse can be assembled in 90 minutes
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A Biomimicry Course is Unveiled at the Indian Institute of Technology

Curriculum shift reinforces positive role of nature emulation in a post-industrial world