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Mental Health + Diversity

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20 Wellness Design Concepts to Help Inform Your Practice

Curious about wellness in design, but confused about the terminology? Fret not! This glossary is for you.

Wellness Technologies Aid Dementia Treatments at Priority Care Home

High-tech additions add to resident health and wellbeing at Priority Care.
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Boosting Employee Wellbeing, the AmaZen Retrospective

Between praise and admonishment comes a wealth of practical advice.
Technology End UserSmart Home

Smart Home Products for Dementia Are Lacking

By keeping the elderly at home longer, some quality of life seems to have been overlooked.
Technology Smart Home

Meditate in This $50,000 Smart Room

The WelPod is a standalone structure fueled by high-tech controls
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CARES Act Paves Way for EdTech and Behavioral Health Training

During the pandemic, school districts allocated funds to technology and strategy.
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Tackling Mental Health Challenges on Campus

Addressing issues from a community standpoint
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Businesses Are Ramping Up Investments in Wellness Technology

Healthy initiatives become even more necessary in the remote work era
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How Nature Impacts Wellbeing

Peaceful vacation vibes can still make it into office settings.