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Bellyard Hotel Unites Communal Spaces with Immersive Audio

Basesix Systems helps elevate guest spaces at cultural cornerstone in Atlanta.
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Vegas Modern 001: An Experimental Manse Geared Towards Wellbeing

An impressive feat in technology and architecture sets wellness design on a shockingly grand scale.

Smart Thermostats: Where Do They Grow from Here?

The next evolution in regulating environmental comfort requires a more thoughtful approach.

How Smart Buildings Can Implement ‘Sensible’ Technology

Sight, sound, and touch delivered through advanced technologies create healthier building environments.
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4 Standout Wellness Gadgets from CES 2022 Perfect for Smart Homes

We’re looking at some of the most promising health and wellness innovations from this year’s CES.

Center for Intelligent Buildings: A Showcase for Technology’s Potential in Healthy Design

Carrier turns their global HQ into a world class learning tool for building professionals.
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Floridian Smart Home Cuts the Clutter with Disappearing Technology

TYM Home Technology turns what could have been a messy install into an object of beauty and first-class comfort.
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Smart Design Hides Smart Tech in Beautiful, Lakefront Home

A design-forward approach keeps expansive, natural vistas a part of the big picture in this smart home.
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Colorado Integrator Tackles Massive HCL Project in Aspen Home

Paragon Systems Integration lights up Aspen homeowner’s world with first foray into human-centric lighting.

Wellness Technologies Aid Dementia Treatments at Priority Care Home

High-tech additions add to resident health and wellbeing at Priority Care.
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Tommy’s Place Is a Smart Home Retreat for Families Managing Childhood Cancer

Tommy’s Place provides a one-of-a-kind experiential space for families to destress and explore.
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Future Smart Home Features to Look Out For

Amongst all the high-tech expectations runs an underlying theme of smoothing out home operations.