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Employee Safety

Environmental Monitoring Needs to Be a Part of Security

Security integrators should take a closer look at environmental monitoring solutions if they aren’t already.
Technology Campus Environments

Security Robots: A Deep Dive For Peace of Mind

Once thought of as “nice to have,” there’s a lot to these robots that make them a must.

5 HVAC Mistakes to Avoid When Reopening

It's going to take more than flipping a switch once everyone’s back in the office.

Health and Sustainability in the Food and Beverage Industry

As manufacturers pivot to new concerns its important to remember technology's massive role in the shift.
Technology Campus Environments

Boosting Employee Wellbeing, the AmaZen Retrospective

Between praise and admonishment comes a wealth of practical advice.
Technology Campus Environments

How to Protect Students, Staff and Visitors in Returning Schools

Knowledge, processes and technology should work hand-in-hand for campus health and safety.

Compassionate Leadership is More Important Than Ever

Billionaire investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban relays the necessity for human-centered businesses

5 Myths About Reopening Offices Post-Pandemic

False information can mar the transformation of workplaces into safe havens.