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Digital Signage

The System 7 Showroom is a Marvel of Lighting and Shading’s Full Potential

By focusing on the experience behind lighting and shading, System 7 creates a truly unique technological showcase.

CityBreeze Combines Digital Signage with Moss to Purify and Cool Urban Air

The unique solution creates cooling sanctuaries of better air within a variety of public settings.
Technology Smart Home

How to Fix Tech Clutter with ‘Hidden Technology’ in Home Designs

Tech is becoming more dominant in the home, but that doesn’t mean it has to dominate attention.

Projection Mapping Transports Restaurant Patrons to Port City’s Past

A new upscale eatery in Guangzhou opens new worlds and experiences to patrons with immersive visuals.

Is Glass the Next Big Wellness Tech Facilitator?

The celebrated mainstay of natural lighting may have just found an exciting new application.
Technology End UserSmart Home

The Value of Aesthetics in Technology Integrations

Something natural and beautiful tells the brain to linger, so it only makes sense to install technology beautifully.

Samsung LED Signage Immerses Times Square in Soothing Nature

For the time it was here, the powerful display brought serenity to the city that never sleeps.

Immersive Self-Care Experience Goes Digital

Panico utilizes digital displays and journey software to better personalize their salon services.