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Jan 24, 2022

Episode 2

Inside Crestron’s Fully Accessible Smart Home


Isaac Rosario is the VP and Lead Programmer of Voyager Home Systems in Oklahoma. Specializing in home automation, lighting control, home networking and home theater, Isaac and the team at Voyager are well-versed in residential installations, as well as working with Crestron systems in particular. According to Isaac, the project at the Price residence gave him and his team an opportunity to look at smart home installations differently. Instead of attempting to use all the technology to make everything look cool, he said, he looked at each piece of technology as a high-functioning tool meant to help Jason live his day-to-day life independently, comfortably and securely.

Jason Price is a professional working in the field of disabilities and the owner of the Price residence. Having been born with Spastic Paraplegia, Jason has long had a vision of living in a home where he can live independently and without it feeling like a hospital or hospice center. Following the payoff of his grand ambitions in the form of his new, fully-accessible smart home, Jason wants to spread the word of what is possible with smart home technology and how it can be used to assist people with disabilities and our aging populations as well.