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Jul 1, 2022

Episode 10

Simplifying Architectural Audio with Juke Audio


Audio can make or break one’s experience. In residential, a powerful, high-quality audio set-up used to mean tens of thousands of dollars and 30 pounds of equipment occupying a space. But now, people have gotten used to the flexibility and functionality provided by Bluetooth devices, streaming services and app-based controls.

Our guest on this episode of the DesignWell Podcast saw this happening back in 2019 and sought to create a more professional solution that could provide the same experience as consumer products with far more power and functionality. With his backgrounds in music and business, Colton Forth set out to create Juke Audio as an easy to install streaming audio amplifier that could be sold at a more affordable price point for homeowners, bringing high-quality architectural audio control to a much broader demographic than before.

In this episode, Colton and DesignWell Editor Nick Boever will discuss:

  • The value Juke Audio brings to the table for integrators working with architectural audio installations.
  • The work Colton and his company has been doing in equipping new build construction with low voltage wiring at the gate.
  • What Juke has in store for the future with improving the audio experience in the home.