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Jul 15, 2022

Episode 11

Indoor Air Quality Trends and Best Practices with Wynd


The topic of air quality continues to be a hot issue discussed throughout indoor environments, and it’s unlikely that it will stop any time soon. As Ray Wu, CEO of Wynd describes it, soon, air quality will be monitored like we do with temperature in buildings, even if right now most people are taking an all or nothing approach.

Since starting Wynd has quickly become a major leader in the realm of air quality in building, not only for the effectiveness of its products, but the ingenuity and intelligence that helps power their more comprehensive solutions.

So, while we have Ray with us, we’ll be exploring:

  • The science and rationale behind Wynd’s solutions.
  • Current trends of how air quality is being handled in buildings.
  • And best practices to consider when setting up your own air quality solutions.