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Nov 4, 2022

Episode 19

Biophilic Soundscapes with Moodsonic


In the world of building better, we hear a lot of talk about lighting, air and water as being the primary focuses of wellness, but sound, one of our key senses as a human, can be just as important.

Have something be too loud and it can become stressful and hard to concentrate. Have something be too quiet and it can become stressful from over concentration.

For that latter situation, Evan Benway, Managing Director at Moodsonic, has come up with a unique answer. Using its own proprietary AI and software, Moodsonic takes the concept of biophilic design and applies it directly to the audible environment, creating adaptive soundscapes that mimic the sounds of nature, down to the ever changing profiles.

With Moodsonic offering a wonderful, wellness-focused take on sound design in buildings, DesignWell Editor Nick Boever will be discussing with Evan:

  • His experience in designing commercial audio
  • How Moodsonic’s AI affects the soundscapes it plays
  • The benefits of natural sound within specific environments
  • How Moodsonic is deployed in a space

Evan is available to discuss Moodsonic and Biophilic Audio more on both LinkedIn and through the Moodsonic website at

You can also view his contributed article on the topic of natural sound in design on DesignWell.