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Jun 17, 2022

Episode 9

Addressing Mental Health Needs in Workplace Design


While mental health was being talked about prior to COVID, the pandemic certainly saw this topic explode into greater prominence, with many experts in design, architecture and psychology looking into how the way we design our indoor spaces can potentially harm or benefit the mental wellbeing of their occupants.

This episode’s guest, Hannah Hackathorn, is one such person, being the senior principal at Unispace, a global workplace strategy, design, and construction leader creating experiential spaces for a rapidly changing world. Holding a profound passion for creating progressive environments at scale Hannah takes her years of experience and applies them across a variety of settings to create regenerative spaces in the interest of mental wellbeing.

In this episode of the DesignWell Podcast, Editor Nick Boever and Hannah will discuss:

  • Current trends surrounding mental health in the workplace
  • Focal points to consider when designing a workspace with mental health in mind
  • Hannah’s work at Unispace
  • Pitfalls and generalizations designers should avoid when designing commercial spaces