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Opteev ViraWarn COVID Air Screener

Opteev has announced the launch of ViraWarn™, the first ever plug-in COVID air screener that is also able to detect other coronaviruses like influenza in indoor spaces. Using breakthrough biosensing technology to actively screen air within indoor s
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Midea Cube Smart Wi-Fi Dehumidifier

From Midea comes the 35-Pint Cube Smart Wi-Fi Dehumidifier as a compact, portable and quiet solution to reduce humidity levels in homes. The 35-pint cube helps maintain ideal humidity levels in space up to 3,500-square-feet with simple controls that
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Philips PPDS Air Quality Sensor

The new Philips PPDS Air Quality Sensor allows schools and businesses to easily monitor the air quality within indoor environments helping to improve the wellbeing, health and safety of staff, students and customers, as well as reducing the spread o
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LG PuriCare 360 Air Purifier Unit

LG offers the PuriCare 360 air purifier unit as part of its complete line of indoor air quality products for use in new and existing home environments as a clean air solution for a variety of room sizes. The PuriCare 360 provides 360-degrees of air p
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Airthings View Plus Indoor Air Quality Devices

Supporting wellness in the home, Airthings introduces its new View Plus indoor air quality product. Battery-powered and equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, the new indoor air quality product incorporates particle matter (PM), radon, carbon dioxide (CO2
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Broan-NuTone Overture Indoor Air Quality System

Broan-NuTone introduces a new connected indoor air quality system, Overture, for builders and remodelers to offer homeowners. The system connects to a home’s ventilation to monitor the quality of air and activate when quality levels drop below the
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Modern Forms ULTRA Smart Fan

Modern Forms introduces the ULTRA Germicidal Smart Fan to help create a safer space for guests in hospitality settings. By combining powerful UV-C LED modules with up to 5172 cubic feet per minute (CFMs) of airflow on high, the smart fan can move a t

ActiveClean from Amerlux

Amerlux ActiveClean provides UV-free, antimicrobial lighting shown to reduce surface contamination by more than 90%. Designed for use in high-traffic public spaces, it meets international safety standards for continued use around people and operates

IoT Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier from Sharp

Sharp has introduced the IoT Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier & True HEPA for Large Rooms with more features and covering more area than ever before. It is Wi-Fi enabled with the companion SHARP AIR app. At the push of a button, a highly concentrat

Overture from Broan-NuTone

Overture from Broan-NuTone is a connected indoor air quality system. The system connects a home’s supply and exhaust ventilation to monitor the quality of air and turn on automatically when air quality levels are low. It operates with new or existi

AbUV from Energy Focus

AbUV circadian lighting and UV-C air disinfection troffer provides continuous disinfection designed for more than 99.9 percent effectiveness against airborne pathogens. A built-in fan draws, disinfects, and circulates air at approximately two air cha
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VirusX-LED from Hera Lighting

The VirusX-LED lighting panel from Hera Lighting uses an internal UVA light and a patented nanocomposite filtering material, which catches airborne viruses and filters them out as fresh air, killing up to 99 percent of airborne viruses and bacteria.