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Urban Living

Five Ways to Design a Room for a Better Night’s Sleep

Jessica Shaw of Turett Collaborative offers her methods for designing the perfect sleep sanctuary in a home.
Design Residential

How Will We Design Future Rental Buildings?

Nancy Ruddy of CetraRuddy Architecture highlights the importance of creativity in future success.

What COVID-19 Taught Us About Urban Design, Health and Wellbeing

An extended stay in our constructed environments reveal how often they may work against us.
Design Residential

Urban Placemaking Project Connects Residents to Nature in Oudong

The Oudong Residence employs nature and architecture to serve the needs of residents.

Four Eco-Friendly Urban Developments Push the World Forward

Thoughtfully crafted concepts renegotiate the relationship between cities and nature.
Design Healthcare

Toronto Mental Health Hospital Designs for Patient Independence

Variegated environments and programs help patients witness their own growth firsthand.

Jean Nouvel Designs Luxurious, New York Fitness and Wellness Center

The celebrated French architect's cutting-edge design elevates New York’s 53 West 53 club.

The Future of Infrastructure With Michael K. Chen

The founder of Design Advocates tackles meaningful urban projects.

How Design Can Improve Population Health

Director of Health at CallisonRTKL, Jim Henry explores the rapidly changing shape of built environments.
Design Senior Living

Lake Oswego Senior Community Melds Urbanity and Outdoors

The Springs at Lake Oswego finds opportunity in design challenges.
Design Residential

4 Sustainability Trends Impacting the Housing Market

COVID and climate change mark core contributors to a surge in sustainable sentiment.

Visualizing Urban Development for the Future

Metro1 founder Tony Cho talks on past projects and future visions for city cultures.