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Design Healthcare

3 Empathetic Design Choices That Make Waiting Rooms a Healing Space, Too

From slight tweaks to full redesigns, design teams can help make these transitionary spaces into gateways for recovery.
Design Senior Living

Developing Inclusive Senior Communities by Retrofitting Suburbia

In developing better senior communities, a creative relook into decaying properties may be in order.

Want to Improve Air Quality in Schools? Looking at Your Ceilings May Help

Not everyone has the budget for HVAC replacements, so many have gotten creative with cost-effective solutions.

Sagewood CCRC Provides Luxury Oasis in Sonoran Desert

Sagewood finishes its second phase renovations, adding residencies and amenities.
Design Residential

Designing a Master Bath Oasis

Or, how closing off a space can really open it up.
Design Healthcare

Evidence-Based Design Approach Revitalizes Aging Emergency Department

Mount Sinai’s restoration project aims make a 30-year-old emergency department represent the future of care.
Design Hospitality

Paris Blooms as a Green City

Renovations infuse the city's historic spirit with modern sustainable practices
Design Healthcare

St. Paul’s Hospital Renovation Intertwines Community and Health

The hospital is set to undergo British Columbia’s most extensive redesign to date.
Design Residential

Interior Renovations Are Booming

COVID unleashed a new appreciation for functional, multipurpose kitchens