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Renovations + Restorations

Design Residential

Bright Wood, Bright Ideas: Accessible Kitchen Design at Home

Enhance Building Company creates a serene and welcoming space designed with every generation in mind.
Design Residential

Tips to Reduce VOCs and Improve Air Quality in Buildings

A healthy home is a happy home and the road to health is paved with good air quality.

3 Pioneering Projects Reimagine Sustainable Building

With a keen eye turned to their environments, these projects exemplify creativity in the wellness sphere.
Design Residential

Opening a Tiny Kitchen with Light and Greenery

Thoughtful touches help the space keep its original character while still promoting wellbeing throughout.

Want to Improve Air Quality in Schools? Looking at Your Ceilings May Help

Not everyone has the budget for HVAC replacements, so many have gotten creative with cost-effective solutions.

What COVID-19 Taught Us About Urban Design, Health and Wellbeing

An extended stay in our constructed environments reveal how often they may work against us.

St. Margaret’s Evidence-Based Design Puts Patients at the Center of Care

A space transformation project reimagines the patient as the partner of their own treatment.
Design Residential

Modern Redesign Maximizes Natural Light in San Diego Home

An Art Deco style gives way to bountiful warmth following the renovation.
Design Healthcare

Cedars-Sinai Injects Bountiful Light Into Its Cancer Care

ZGF’s interior design team transform the space into one that evokes tranquility and peace for patients.
Design Residential

Perfecting Sustainable Kitchen Design

With sustainability an important part of her practice, Rima Nasser makes a tremendous impact on one clients’ home.
Design Hospitality

Locally Sourced Materials Highlight Beauty of Imperfection at Casa Hormiga

A sanctuary to grow with the jungle comes to form southeastern Mexico.
Design Residential

Challenging Bath Redesign Adds Extra Accessibility

With a unique design to the space, understanding the proper layout became the real challenge.