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Design Senior Living

Developing Inclusive Senior Communities by Retrofitting Suburbia

In developing better senior communities, a creative relook into decaying properties may be in order.
Design Senior Living

How Can Healthy Building Strategies Help Senior Living Communities?

Perhaps more than anyone else, seniors need a living space that can proactively safeguard their health and wellbeing.

Energy Efficient Features Create Safe, Affordable Community in Fort Worth

The development's eco-design provides safer living conditions at an affordable price due to low utility costs.
Design Senior Living

The Wellness Benefits of Pocket Neighborhoods in Senior Living

Flexible, scalable, pocket neighborhoods allow senior living to better build for community.
Design Senior Living

How Can Senior Living Communities Create a Sense of Home?

Senior residents recount the value of organic connections enabled by their living spaces.
Design Senior Living

Four Strategies to Guide Senior Living Forward

Panelists at the recent EFA Expo & Conference discuss the future of senior living.
Design Senior Living

Why Therapeutic Horticulture is Perfect for Senior Living Communities

Designers and architects talk on the importance of the outdoors in aging populations.
Design Healthcare

Toronto Mental Health Hospital Designs for Patient Independence

Variegated environments and programs help patients witness their own growth firsthand.
Design Senior Living

Senior Living With a View: The Watermark at Houston Heights

The luxury, high-rise community at Houston Heights features a variety of outdoor and amenity spaces.

Designing a Residential Community to Serve Adults With Disabilities

Unscripted Design provides thoughtful and comforting spaces to the Trailhead Community adult living community.
Design Senior Living

Lake Oswego Senior Community Melds Urbanity and Outdoors

The Springs at Lake Oswego finds opportunity in design challenges.