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Design Hospitality

5 Wellness Design Trends Reshaping Hospitality Spaces

Room & Board offers their top picks for trends injecting even more goodness into hospitality spaces.

The Glen: A CCRC That Uses Holistic Design to Create a Sense of Home

With one of the oldest missions in California, San Diego provides the inspiration for deeply empathetic architecture.

At the Intersection of Healthcare and Hospitality with Alberto Apostoli

Uniting two human-centric spaces, Studio Apostoli's projects aim to deliver physical, mental and spiritual healing.

3 Pioneering Projects Reimagine Sustainable Building

With a keen eye turned to their environments, these projects exemplify creativity in the wellness sphere.
Design Healthcare

Uplifting Spirits with Wellness-Focused Architecture in Recovery Facilities

Light, warmth and community add an extra dimension of care to the recovery program at Harris House.
Design Hospitality

Celebrating Mezcal Culture Through Design at Casa Silencio

Adjoining an active distillery, El Silencio’s hotel connects guests to the landscape, as well as each other.
Design Residential

This New York Passive House Design is a Living Model for Green Lifestyles

Architect Wayne Turett lives his passion of sustainable building.

What COVID-19 Taught Us About Urban Design, Health and Wellbeing

An extended stay in our constructed environments reveal how often they may work against us.

Suchi Reddy and the Neuroaesthetics of Architecture

What began in a childhood home has evolved into a love affair with neuroscience and design.
Design Senior Living

Why Therapeutic Horticulture is Perfect for Senior Living Communities

Designers and architects talk on the importance of the outdoors in aging populations.
Design Hospitality

Landscape Hotel Creates Harmony With French Countryside

48° Nord unites nature and architecture in its immersive design.

Jean Nouvel Designs Luxurious, New York Fitness and Wellness Center

The celebrated French architect's cutting-edge design elevates New York’s 53 West 53 club.